Why Digital X-Rays are Better Than Film X-Rays

Less Radiation

A lot of patients are aware of radiation exposure during medical and dental x-rays.

X-Ray technology has come a long way since it was first introduced, and with today’s digital technology a significantly lower amount of radiation is involved.

Digital radiography uses a digital sensor instead of the films used by conventional x-rays. This gives us more clear and consistent images with less radiation.

Digital x-rays, combined with other radiation safety protocols, reduce the risk of harm from dental x-rays. The risk of harm from a digital x-ray is greatly reduced and extremely low as compared to the conventional technique, which itself already had a low-risk factor. 

Better and Faster Results

The sensors and the software produce a much clearer, predictable and adjustable image which gives us a lot of useful information to make an accurate diagnosis.

Digital x-rays are also much faster to take and have nearly zero waiting time to processing the image. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend in the chair and therefore reduces fatigue. Both patients and the digital x-ray operator find it significantly more convenient.

Enhanced with Software

With the help of software, the doctor can clarify or enhance the digital image obtained. The doctor can zoom in and out, get more accurate measurements on the x-ray, and adjust the image contrast and brightness. All of this helps doctors make the most out of the information that is available on the x-ray.

In addition to the mentioned advantages, digital x-rays are Easy to store and transfer to other clinicians for referrals. There is also no image degradation after a few months as seen in film-based x-rays.

The digital x-ray process is also more eco-friendly as there is no use of any chemicals for the development of images and no associated spillage or waste generation. 

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