Tooth Extractions

Teeth may need to be extracted for various reasons. The most common reason for extractions is for painful and deeply infected teeth. A painful wisdom tooth can be another reason where a patient will decide to have the tooth removed. Make an appoint if you’re experiencing tooth pain or want to have your wisdom teeth checked.

Tooth Extractions at Brighton Dental Centre

We understand that removing a tooth is a difficult decision to make and the thought of it may induce a lot of anxiety. If necessary, our caring team will make you as comfortable as possible and painlessly take the tooth out.

Various sedation options can be considered for this procedure in patients who have higher degrees of dental anxiety.

Wisdom Teeth

Pain from wisdom teeth is a very common complaint when your wisdom teeth start to grow through. Removing painful wisdom teeth is the only long-lasting solution in most of these cases.

Regular checkups can help us anticipate problems with your wisdom teeth. After inspecting your teeth, we sometimes advise certain patients to have their wisdom teeth removed voluntarily before it becomes a problem for them.

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