Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety can be a big hurdle for a lot of people in addressing their dental needs. First-hand bad experiences or just stories from others about unpleasant dental appointments can cause or aggravate this anxiety. We offer nitrous treatments that reduce your anxiety and increase your overall comfort level.

Sedation Options at Brighton Dental Centre

Dental anxiety can be so severe that some people use painkillers day after day instead of visiting the dentist. In order to reduce anxiety, we take a compassionate approach and a patient-first approach. We also offer sedation options for individuals with higher levels of anxiety.

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Nitrous Treatments

Laughing gas, also knowns as nitrous, is an extremely safe and predictable method of mild sedation for both children and adults. The laughing gas is administered by a trained professional via a nasal hood. It’s first given in very low doses and then it is gradually increased in concentration until the patient reaches a comfortable level of sedation. In many cases, this is sufficient to overcome dental anxiety leading to a comfortable and positive experience for the patient.

The effect of the gas also wears off within a few minutes after turning it off and the patient can even drive themselves home.

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