Dental Implants in Brighton

Patients who have missing teeth can benefit from dental implants or dentures to restore usefulness and appearance. We can help you understand your options and provide the prosthetic solution that is right for you. Make a judgment-free dental appointment today.

Brighton Dental Centre Dental Implants

Finding dental implants in Brighton couldn’t be easier with the help of the Brighton Dental Centre. In addition to replacing missing teeth, dental implants can prevent teeth from shifting, conserve jawbone tissue, and generally improve a patient’s smile. A permanent solution to dental problems, dental implants leave patients with a mouth that both looks and feels completely natural. That’s just one of the reasons that dental implants have become the most popular clinical response to a wide range of dental problems and injuries. 

Dental Implants in Brighton

The husband and wife team of Dr. Shikhar Saxena and Dr. Akanksha Mangal opened their family-operated dental practice in Brighton, Ontario, Brighton Dental Centre placing a high value on treating area residents with professionalism and compassion.

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About Dental Implants

Over the last two decades, dental implants have become the preferred method of replacing missing teeth among patients and dental professionals alike. In terms of functionality and appearance, dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Composed of durable and safe medical grade titanium, dental implants are integrated into the jawbone through surgery. Once firmly anchored, they serve as artificial roots that can accommodate durable artificial crowns.

As the surgical site heals the implant will naturally fuse to your jawbone. And after a period of three to six months, you shouldn’t feel much difference between your new dental implants and the natural teeth that you have lost.

The Benefits

When it comes to replacing missing teeth and responding to other dental issues, dental implants offer a range of improvements over non-permanent options such as dentures. In addition to allowing you to eat as you ordinarily would, dental implants help promote normal speech patterns. Perhaps most importantly, they are permanent fixtures in your mouth that look and feel natural all day and all night.

Although firmly affixed, dental implants can be disassembled and removed by dental professionals for necessary repair or cleaning. Most patients with access to them, choose dental implants to restore one or more missing teeth.

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