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When you lose more than a few teeth, the gaps in your mouth can create number of complications. From difficulties with biting and chewing, feeling self-conscious about missing teeth, losing bone density in your jaw, and having your remaining teeth becoming misaligned. We will help you understand your options and provide the solution that is right for you. Make a judgment-free dental appointment today.

Dentures at Brighton Dental Centre

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about missing teeth? Your choices range from removable dentures to more permanent options like implants and crowns. Some dentures can securely attach to a permanently placed implant and can only be removed when the patient would like to have it removed by a dentist for various purposes like cleaning.

Same Day Dentures in Brighton

Same-day dentures from Brighton Denture Clinic are good options for patients who are conscious of not having front teeth and would like to have their new set of teeth during the same appointment as the front teeth are extracted. After a few initial measurement appointments, we make the denture in our lab and ready to be delivered on the same appointment as when the teeth are extracted.

You can wear same-day dentures as soon as your teeth are extracted until your mouth heals, which will require several weeks or more. It’s best to wait for the healing process to be complete,  before making your permanent dentures, as your mouth may have a slightly different shape immediately following your extractions. Same-day dentures eliminate a gappy smile while waiting for your permanent dentures.

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Dentures Repairs In Brighton

Only people who have experienced a broken denture can realize the urgency of having it repaired, our house lab allows us to repair dentures the same day and at times as you wait in the dental chair, and that way has the dentures repaired in a single visit.

These repairs include relining, rebasing, and adjustment. Relining makes your denture fit more securely against the soft tissues in your mouth. A rebase is a complete replacement of your denture’s base, which is the pink acrylic of your denture. An adjustment of your dentures relieves the discomfort caused by your denture rubbing against soft tissues.

Implant Retained Dentures

Poor tightness is often a complaint of many denture wearers. A common reason for this is a lack of bone height for the denture to hold on to. Implants can be placed under the dentures and hold the denture in place with precision attachments, which drastically improves the retention. This can be done with both existing non-implant retained dentures and new dentures.

A traditional denture attaches to your gums via adhesive or suction, which limits your biting force and requires replacement every few years. An implant-retained denture holds your dentures in place with titanium posts anchored to your jawbone, which can last for a lifetime.

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